Melissa Deffense & Paris Malungu have launched their reworked leather House customizing perfectos in perfect fashion. Surfing on an eco-trendy wave, they could have been content to exploit the vein, since their achievements caught both the eye and the media, but they preferred to evolve. Romantic without being classical, their collection, now pure creation, grows with their ambition.

For the spring / summer 2018 season they pay homage to iconic figures of triumphant femininity – with the contemporary shift and distanciation that characterizes their collections. They composed a wardrobe of perfectos inspired by singular personalities, fashion icons that marked the unconscious of the profession. There is a model for Anna Piaggi, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italy, who disappeared in 2012. She has marked the two young Belgian designers with her extravagant silhouettes, testimonies of a shimmering, happy and asserted language.

They dedicated to her a jacket, a mix of leather and leopard satin. Another tribute, another inspiration: Garance Doré with her culture of minimalism and her passion for illustrations. Implicit in the collection, we find some “Dries” in the search for prints, modern street culture in the lines. Paris Malungu travels a lot by subway in Brussels. There, he feeds himself on street styles, mixes of communities, encounters of world fashions. In a way, it’s Vogue X Gare de l’Ouest, or Paris Haute Couture in Molenbeek.

Snobe is evolving seriously but does not trip its feet in its own snobbery. The young house becomes professional, Melissa and Paris deploy a galvanizing energy around their brand, 100% Brussels (even though the jackets, vegetable tanned French leather, are manufactured in Brussels certainly, and also in Liege and Italy). Their approach is Couture, their high-end commitment. As soon as next winter, Snobe will present its first ready-to-wear line. With a tailored attention to detail, and the requirement to push, even further, the extrapolation of the concept of perfecto.


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