Mourir d’amour

Mourir d’amour

Melissa Deffense & Paris Malungu customize perfectos to perfection. Each season is inspired by the society around them, of which they are madly actors, led by universal muses, or strong figures of their intimate story. For Paris, the new ready-to-wear line that deploys Snobe’s wings, draws its emotion from a family emotional experience, a bickering between sisters: her mother Pauline and her aunt Margotte, who wore royal blue that day. The sheer force of the fuss remained engraved in the mind of the young man, as well as these words of reconciliation, shortly afterwards: ͞I love you with love, to die of love͟. A punchline in the history of Paris, inscribed in the leather of his jackets.

A complete and coherent line, the ready-to-wear collection presents dresses (made of leather and textiles), V-neck sweaters and trousers, all available in red too, to emphasize the fiery side of passions. Snobe retains all its aesthetic signature in colors and prints, currently evolving toward a more unadorned style, with a feel of minimalism that suggests maturity.

The message of tenderness also goes through the materials, alpaca and cashmere, which evoke the sweetness after the storm, while some perfectos are cut in thick leather, tanned leather armor, to protect from the world.

More precise in its intents, honored by a MAD support award, a presence in New York as part of an economic mission for Belgium, and soon points of sale in Paris.

Snobe evolves and becomes professional, Mélissa and Paris deploy a galvanizing energy around their brand of ready-to-wear exponential models, 100% Brussels. An ethical and sincere commitment, for a young house on the launching ramp.


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