Les bijoux

Our first meeting was barely two years ago. We both participated, with our respective brands (Snobe and Aurore de Heusch jewels), in a showroom at MAD Brussels and were installed almost side by side. The connection between our universes and our personalities was immediate.

We then quickly realized that we had as a common point “the canal at the height of the Porte de Flandre”.

Aurore, a true Brussels resident, has opened her jewelry store on rue Antoine Dansaert, next to the canal and at the gates of Molenbeek.

The Snobe duo, for their part, were born in Molenbeek and draw their main inspirations there.

Over the course of our interviews, we ended up creating a certain alchemy around “Mourir d’amour” : love for our jobs and our neighborhood.

Because Aurore’s jewelry illuminates Snobe’s wardrobe, together we came up with a first capsule collection of jewelry. Aurore and Snobe, this collection combines our two worlds that we are now pleased to share with you.


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