Fall Winter 17

Fall Winter 17

Melissa Deffense and Paris Malungu the creative duo behind Snobe met each other years ago. They’re passion for fashion made them meet. And this is where everything started. Paris used to customized his perfectos, with studs, hand painted pattern ….

Melissa loves fashion from the bottom of her heart, the duo met each other in a private event in Brussels and they fell in love with each attitude, style and personality. Bringing together their skills, she has a degree in communication and work in a Press and Public relations agency.

He’s self educated, and works as window dresser for Zara, H&m, Forever21. Togheter they created a very small of strong and bold perfectos. The first collection was presentedduring the trendy up-cycling competition « Customisez-Moi », organised in Brussels by Bernard Gavilan.

Each jacket is a unique piece, and Paris and Melissa now come out with a new collection By season.


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