About the Snobe team

Started by Melissa and Paris, SNOBE was born in Brussels one evening during the summer 2014. At the end of a meeting in a Brussels evening. The duo, strong of its respective experiences, decides to associate ideas and skills. Design and creation for Paris, communication and development for Melissa, thousands of ideas, lot of willpower and a hint of love, all the ingredients were gathered for the start of the adventure SNOBE. SNOBE is a collection that wants to be different, SNOBE is not mass production but a model unique, handmade for a Leatherworker, a jacket conceived and designed in Brussels. Snubs it is to offer both unique and timeless style.

Meet the Snobe team

Paris Malungu

Co.Founder SNOBE & Art Director

Melissa Deffense

Co.founder Snobe & Brand Development

Quentin Deffense

Graphic & Web Designer